Wisdom To Influence (Hard copy) by Dr John Wong


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This is the MUST-HAVE book for anyone who wants to achieve maximum success in work, career, business, sales, leadership, finance, family, health and more


This book has great influencing power. 

Personally endorsed by some of the most well known successful entrepreneurs like Dato Seri Douglas Foo (founder of Sakae Sushi Group), Claire Chiang (founder of Banyan Tree), Dr Ng Chin Siaw (founder of Q&M Dental Group), Lim Hwee Seng (partner of PWC) etc, Dr John Wong revealed his wisdom and experience of success comprehensively in this book. 

How did Mao Tze Tung win over China from Kuomintang’s Chiang Kai Shek when the latter was much stronger and had so much resources? How did Liu Bei win so much support during the Romance of the Three Kingdom when he was weak and poor and was up against Cao Cao, the giant? How did Jack Ma build such a huge Alibaba empire when he did not even know computer programming? The answer: INFLUENCE.

They all knew how to influence the right people to serve them wholeheartedly.

In this book, Dr John Wong will not only reveal his personal life story of how he turned his life around from bankruptcy to becoming the leading international entrepreneurship coach. He also shed light on the wisdom many of the most successful people revealed to him during their private conversations and interviews.

This is a must-have for people who want to achieve their maximum success in all fields, including sales, business, insurance, property, leadership, communication, marketing, entrepreneurship, family, social etc. 


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