Corporate CT Scan

Yes, that’s what we do. Unlike most training companies that merely customize their PPT title page, we actually help you scan for corporate diseases and then recommend the optimal treatment solution based on experience.

our services


Our well qualified trainers speak to your L&D specialist to find out more of the current gap with questions and more questions.


Our trainers will design a training package based on the needs and deliver with energy, humor, vigor and loads of practical interactive activities.

Follow up

Most companies earn your money and disappear. We stay back to discuss on participant’s performance, whether objectives were met, and how to further improve. 

some of our courses

Power Sales Training

We have a whole series of trainings on selling, including:

  • Proprietary Breakthrough PEACOCKS Selling System
  • Questions-Based Selling to Truly Serve Clients’ Needs
  • The 5 Hearts of Selling
  • Building A Powerful Referral System
  • Managing Sales Objections

Media Training

We have recently signed a partnership agreement with international speaker & trainer Dr John Wong who has so much experience in media training, himself a former TV & print journalist and show host. He has specifically designed the following courses which has benefited at least 80 top executives from 40 listed companies worldwide. This is one of our most sought after training series:

  • Media Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Speak Like A CEO

Leadership Training

There are so many leadership programmes in the market. Most are based on certain models or quadrants. Many require character analysis using questionnaires or playing cards. However, most attendees find these courses good by the looks but without practicality. Here, we provide leadership courses that truly connects:

  • How To Recruit And Grow A Powerful Team
  • How To Coach Your Team Effectively
  • How To Grow A Desired Powerful Corporate Culture
  • Sun Tze Art Of War In Leadership

Communication Training

The reason for all the conflicts & differences we witness is due to incompetent communication. Here, we have helped many organizations improve their communication atmosphere and achieve better results.

  • Skill Of Persuasive Presentation
  • Using Humor To Grow Your Business
  • Deciphering Body Language And Other Non-verbal Cues In Communication
  • Mitigating Office Politics
  • Sun Tze Art Of War In Communications In The Organization

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